Ooooookey guys, I can see the point and I have to say some things about it.

First of all, let me remember you this:

It’s bad to hurt anybody, whatever  their gender is.

It’s bad to slap anybody because you’re frustrated or anger or something, whatever their gender is.

Catcalls, street harassment and rape is bad, doesn’t matter what is your gender.

Sexism is bad and it affects all of us,doesn’t matter what is your gender.

But sexism doesn’t affect in the same way to women and men. Not only men should have self-control, that’s not the point. Everyone should have self-control. But the society has already taugh women to have self control. Our stupid society gave us a lot of stupid gender roles which controll our own life. And you know what? These roles tell men that they can take whatever they want because they deserve it. Because society teach men that the entire world was made to them. Because society teach men how control all. But society teach women to CONTROL HERSELF, they teach women to BE SUMISE, to BE CONTROLLED by men. And if they aren’t like this way, they could die by men. If a woman hit a man, we see this man like a weak, submissive person. If a woman slap a man because she is angry or frustrated, we think that “she has the pants in their relationship”. And do you know why? Yes! Because the roles which society taugh us. Because we think that a man who is humilliated by a woman is weak, and weakness is for the women. That’s how sexism works. Because if a man is checked out by a group of women, he isn’t afraid about his life, he doesn’t think that these women could follow him to his house and force to have sex with them. And if a man is harassmented or raped by a woman, police won’t believe him because "women don’t rape", because rape is a thing for males. 

So yes, I understand you. I understand that these things which you exposed are bad, but your speech is poorly expressed (and seriously, Willy Wonka meme? What is it, 9gag or 2005?)


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